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How to make a 100% RISK-FREE DONATION to a charity of your choice.

Have you ever made a purchase from a business who claimed that a portion of your purchase price would be donated to a specific charity or cause? Or has a cashier ever asked if you wanted to make a financial donation to their internal fundraising scheme? The question is: did your financial donation actually get passed on by the business to the charity? Maybe it did. Maybe only some of it. Maybe none. How would you know for certain what really happened to the money you donated?

We're different. You're 100% in control of your donation.

The community support program is different, because we can 100% GUARANTEE that a portion of the purchase price actually does get passed along to your favourite cause or charity. How can we make such a claim? We can because the businesses participating in our community support program have agreed to give you a SPECIAL PRICE DISCOUNT* OF UP TO 50% OFF THE REGULAR PRICE on select items AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. Then, YOU can personally donate the resulting savings to your charity of choice.

*Note: to obtain your special price discount at the time of purchase, you simply tell the business manager or cashier the latest discount code we send you monthly by email. Please see details here.